No pants #1

In 5th grade I missed the memo for spirit week. Monday was costume day and everyone came to school in fun outfits and I was left to mope in a corner with my uniform. Apparently I didn’t quite grasp the concept of spirit week from the previous four years of elementary school, and I thought every day of the week was costume day. Tuesday I showed up in my favorite dalmatian costume (the one that I wore for 8 consecutive Halloweens). It was twin day. So not only did I come to school in a full-body hairy jumpsuit with ears and tail, no one asked to be my twin on twin day! And as I’m sure you guessed from the title, I didn’t wear any pants underneath. I had polka-dotted legs until lunch when my life-saving grandma brought me overalls. Yep.

Said dog costume
Said dog costume

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