The Year I Ruined Christmas

A few years ago I ruined Christmas.

No big deal.

My grandmother-in-law has a birthday very near Christmas and my parents-in-law decided to do a combo gift for her and get her a giant television. She constantly complained about her old tv so it was the perfect gift. We were all gathered around the fireplace on Christmas exchanging gifts, and an aunt asked Grandma, “What did you get this year?” She huffed and replied, “Oh, nothing…” I, thinking that her birthday had passed and she had already received her birthday/Christmas mega-gift and that she was forgetting that it was a combo, responded with, “What are you talking about? They got you a big honkin’ TV!” I was met a surprised look and a “Huh?” just as my father-in-law rushed into the room with the box and a “surprise!” He heard me spill the beans just as he was grabbing the gift and rushed in to save the surprise.

Now it’s an annual story that my husband thinks gets funnier every time he tells it.

Also I said “honkin’.” That’s embarrassment enough.


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