Church Camp

I went to a very conservative Christian camp in my freshman year of high school with some not-so-nice schoolmates from my very tiny Christian school. There were designated swim times for boys and girls to swim separately and clothes had to be worn en route to the pool. It was the girls’ turn to swim so we all put our suits on and our long skirts over them (really conservative) and walked over together to swim.

Turns out my underwear had gotten stuck inside my skirt while changing into my suit and fell out on the walking path where it was later found by a bunch of boys. A counselor quickly snatched it up before the boys could do anything sinister with it, but when we got to the cabin, the counselor held my floral-printed waist-highs into the air and said “Whose are these? One of you dropped them outside.” In the half second it took for my face to turn beet red, one of my schoolmates laughs and screams, “Anna! Those are yours!” while the whole cabin had a good laugh at my expense. She apparently had thoroughly examined my undergarments as we all changed.

This same girl later thought it was a funny prank to put hair gel in my sneakers.

Shut up they were awesome.

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