The Accidental Text

I feel like everyone has done it. You know, sent a text to the wrong person. Well my story¬†totally wins.(or loses–however you want to look at it)

I was explaining to my mom over the phone that my acne had gotten so bad that I scheduled a dermatologist appointment to get it taken care of. It was the worst it had ever been and I had been caking on makeup to cover all the redness and splotches and it was getting seriously painful to even lay on my pillow at night. Like really really bad. She had never seen me break out so badly and was wondering if I could send her a pic to see if it was actually an allergic reaction instead of just acne.

Here’s where the mistake was made: when I opened up my iPhone messenger app to send her a pic, it was already open to a conversation, but not with my mom. It was with my overly awkward church worship leader! I snapped 2 pics and sent them off before I realized what I had done!

He claims to have never opened it, but how could he not? And if he did, it’s so embarrassing that of course he would say he never saw it. I’m sure he wishes he never did.


Foot in Mouth #2

I had a phone interview with a pet teeth cleaning service and I wasn’t as prepared as I should have been.

Interviewer: Pet owners are very careful when trusting others with the care of their pets. Are you capable of assuring people you’ve never met before of your trustworthiness?

Me: Absolutely! I’m a great first-impressionist!

Internal me: Noooooo! What have I done?

Why is it cute when a baby puts her foot in her mouth but not when I do it?